DIY & Tools

DIY Resources

We keep a wide range of different stuff for DIY projects including nails, screws, secondhand tiles, off-cuts of wood.


Vintage, Used and New Tools

A fundamental part of any project is having the tools for the job, but we know tools can be expensive. We stock standard used tools, beautiful vintage tools, reconditioned garden tools and new decorating equipment so that we have options at every price. Cliff is our dedicate volunteer who carefully renovates our garden spades, forks and hand tools. They sell for £10 for a fork or spade and £4 for hand tools and are often fitted with a new handle and repainted.


Recycled Paint 

Our community paint offer is currently undergoing change. We are working to redesign the systems we have in place to process secondhand paint and so we don’t have as much on offer as we have had in the past. Once we have designed new slick systems for doing the messy work of processing the paint without making too much mess our offer of paint will be back! We are currently only accepting donations of full tins.