Donate Items

At the heart of what we do is saving items from ending up in landfill and so donated items are our bread and butter. Our stock comes from businesses, other charities and individuals.

What do we want? 

Our passion is inspiring creativity through supplying arts, craft and DIY resources and tools. This means we are always on the lookout for bulk quantities of fabric, paper, plastics, craft and art resources. We also take things like wallpaper, sewing stuff and old tools. Donations should be brought to the store. Email or call us if you’re not sure whether what you have is what we’d like: 01865 761113 or

Unfortunately we are no longer able to take stains, paint and varnish.  We can only accept artists’ paint.


I’m a business with something to donate

We would love to hear from any businesses with items to dispose of that could be seen as craft and arts resources, especially bulk quantities of fabric, paper, plastics. If you’re not sure if we’d like something, please contact us and ask: 01865 761113, or

We have access to a van and can make pick-ups from businesses.